The Redpine Whitetails Ranch was purchased by the Higgins family in 1928 and has been our "retreat" since that time. The lodges were built in the mid 1930's. Over the years they have been modernized to include all the amenities while retaining the rustic images of true hunting camps of which most of us are familiar. Hunters will find the camps comfortable and secluded with the coffee pot always on.

The Ranch

The topography of the Ranch will yield to any hunter the challenges of hunting whitetail deer. The terrain varies from dense pine forest to more open forests and meadows, cedar swamp to hardwood ridges. The bucks travel the entire ranch and each area dictates the method of hunting employed. Opportunities at bucks can be as close as 20 yards in dense cover to as far away as 300 yards in the more open terrain.

Hunter's Lodge The hunter's lodge features an antique pot-bellied stove for atmosphere and cozy heat, comfortable bedrooms, full bath, and TV-VCR for relaxation after a full day of hunting.

The main lodge, where meals are served, is reminiscent of the 1930's. Main Lodge

Deer Management


Our management plan for the deer, simply stated, has been to produce the largest bodies and antler growth we can given the age class of the deer. Obviously, 2 1/2 year old bucks won't, as a rule, have the body or antler mass of a 4 1/2 year old buck. However, age alone is not the determining factor. The genetic profile of the animals has a very strong influence on their offspring. At Redpine Whitetails we have assembled breeding stock with outstanding genetic backgrounds. The result of this effort has been the production of bucks we feel any serious hunter would call "trophies". In addition to genetics, protein rich crops are planted throughout the Ranch as well as a supplemental diet of high protein grain. Each year Ranch staff personnel take an accurate head-count of the type of animals inhabiting the grounds at the time. This enables us to maintain the buck to doe ratio we desire as well as balance the overall herd size. It is our belief, supported by research, that over-population can ultimately have an adverse impact on trophy quality.

The Hunt

Redpine Whitetails Staff and Family The staff at Redpine Whitetails stands ready to serve you, the customer. We want your stay with us to be enjoyable as well as successful. All hunts are fully guided, usually on a one-to-one basis. Our guides are employees of the Ranch and work here the year round. You will be guided by people who not only know the Ranch, but who are veteran hunters themselves. All meals are served in the main lodge and are of "good 'ole down home" quality. We try to think of all aspects of your stay with us rather than just your time in the field.

Main Lodge Interior


Redpine Whitetails is located on the Western boundaries of the pristine Pigeon River Country State Forest approximately 7 miles East of the town of Vanderbilt, in the northern part of Michigan's lower peninsula. Location Map

Hunt Details

On the Fees page you'll find our fee schedules along with the full list of services we provide or arrange. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or write us using the contact information at the top of this page. We hope by assisting you, you can help us become better known to the whitetail hunting fraternity.

Our Thanks

Thank you for your interest in Redpine Whitetails. I hope after reviewing our website and fee schedules you will join us at the Ranch to pursue North America's greatest game animal ... "the elusive trophy whitetail buck."

Larry B. Higgins, Owner

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